Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We are always trying to provide the best service possible but there are a ways in which our patients can help make this possible for all. To help us to provide a good service to all we would ask that if you are unable to keep an appointment that you cancel it in good time so that if can be made available to others.

Our medical team will always try to keep see you at your appointment time but we hope you appreciate due to the nature of health care it is not always possible to predict how long each patient will need to be seen. The reception staff will be able to inform you if they expect your appointment to be delayed.

Patient Information

Patients have the right to expect that their personal information will be held in confidence by the Practice team. From time to time practice puts together statistics, which support audit & research in compiling disease registers. Patient information will, wherever possible be anonymised.

As you may be aware the NHS is changing the way it stores and shares data as part of the NHS Care Records Service. By holding this data electronically there will be quicker ways for getting important information about your healthcare to NHS staff. For more information you can speak to the Summary Care Record Information Line on 0300 123 3020.

If you do not wish confidential information to be used for central processing by the NHS you must fill the opt out form and give it into the reception. The forms are also available at reception and opting out will not affect the care you receive at the practice.

Seeing a Doctor

Patients are welcome to express a preference when registering or when making an appointment as to which doctor to see. We encourage this as it is good for the continuity of care we can provide you but there might times when we are not able to satisfy this request.

Staff and Patient Welfare

We operate the NHS Zero Tolerance Policy to safeguard staff and patient welfare. Our Team shall always show due respect and courtesy when dealing with Patients. In turn, we would request Patients to reciprocate the same. No form of aggression, verbal or physical in nature would be tolerated and may result in Patient removal and being reported to the Police. In cases of aggressive behaviour towards our staff we may be forced to remove the patient from our list.

Additional information